Adding a Free American Airlines Stopover

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When I first started redeeming airline miles for flights, I made a lot of mistakes. Thinking back on those mistakes burns my soul now because I could have used those miles for so much cooler trips. Even when I thought I was the shit because I knew not to use frequent flyer miles for domestic […]

What To Do With Your United Miles Before the Devaluation

Paradise in Malé.

In early November 2013, United Airlines dropped the bomb that they were drastically decreasing the value of their frequent flyer miles. Without going into the details, United increased miles needed for many types of awards. The hardest hit were First Class and Business Class seats on United’s Star Alliance partners. Starting February 1st, 2014, the […]

How to Deal with Travel Jealousy

It's okay, I hate these people too.

Hi, I’m Alec Barron, and travel jealousy has hit me in the gut too many times to count. You know what I’m talking about. You’re sitting at the office. The monotony of yet another spreadsheet is starting to get to you so you check Facebook to peak at life outside the cubicle farm. Scanning over […]